Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


Young Hunters

Thies (9) and Jorn (11) grow up in a traditional hunter’s family. It is very common for the brothers to eat their meat straight from nature. Yet many people have strong opinions about hunting; they consider it sad or cruel to shoot an animal. The young brothers consider this kind of strange because an animal from the supermarket is also dead.

Thies and Jorn reach an age when they become aware of the taboo on hunting. How will their friends respond to this particular lifestyle? The film tells the story behind sustainable hunting and the taboo that comes with it.

Production notes

Title in Original Language : De Jonge Jagers
Director : Iris Grob
Year : 2018
Length : 16
Age limit : K7
Format : DCP
Producer : Maarten Kuit
Production Company : Hazazah Pictures