Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


My Letter to the Oilmen

The Nigerian Papilou (14) lives on the edge of a heavily polluted piece of land. In the backyard of his father, thousands of liters of crude oil ended up in the river due to a leak in an oil pipe. All crops failed. Papilou can not even play football without the ball landing in the oil. His parents divorced because the family became ill from the crude oil. The parents of Papilou are separated and now he lives in the big city.

Papilou wants the oil pollution to be cleaned up and that the oil pollution stops. He writes a letter to the oil company responsible for pollution. But do they listen to him and will they help him?

Production notes

Title in Original Language : Mijn brief aan de oliemannen
Director : Xander de Boer
Year : 2018
Length : 15
Age limit : S
Format : DCP
Producer : Sharona Buijert
Production Company : Evangelische omroep