Issues raised by the state of the environment are ever popular topics in the media today. Whether it is pollution, loss of species or sustainable living, they cumulate discussions over generations. DOKKINO’s theme for the year Environment and Us represents examples of versatile living conditions all over the world that evoke us to contemplate the state of the environment as well as the relationship between humans and other species.

The new programme invites us to look into the thoughts, feelings and opinions of children and youth around the theme. Throughout the films, audiences will notice that environmental issues concern us all and despite living conditions everyone has dreams for the future and means to achieve them.

Summer Lake invites us on a wonderful trip in the most beautiful Finnish summer scenery along with 13-year-old Emika and her cousin Antti. Earth’s Children takes us into the Amazonian rainforest in Peru, showing us the everyday life of Jorge who represents the indigenous people of the area. Habitat takes a look in the life of a nomadic family living in the world’s most well known desert, Sahara.

Thought-provoking Young Hunters pokes a stick into a heated topic of sustainable hunting and meat consumption along with ethical issued raised by them. Touching My Letter to the Oilmen takes us to Nigeria and introduces us to a young boy who lost his younger sibling due to oil leak in their home village.

The films presented in the programme encourage us to contemplate our own living environment; where and how do we live our lives and how do we take others into consideration in our actions. The films provide an excellent way to step into the shoes of other people in different life situations. What makes a good life, is one of the main questions brought up in the films.

Beside the films, we offer learning materials that provide guidance to teachers if they want to elaborate on discussion with their students.

Photo: My Letter to the Oilmen