Kuvassa kaksi tyttö istumassa ja juttelemassa toisilleen.


DOKKINO is an annual, nationwide documentary film screening tour for children and youth that is organized by DocPoint Film Events. The event introduces 10-16 year-old viewers to the world of creative documentary films and strives to promote the statue of documentary film as a tool for learning.

Year 2023 marks the 21st year of DOKKINO. During the years DOKKINO has evolved from screenings aimed at children and youth in DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, into Europe’s largest national documentary film event for children and youth. In 2019, DOKKINO expanded to 21 cities in total and over 17 000 pupils and teachers attended DOKKINO screenings all around Finland.

Year 2020 was exceptional due COVID-19 and almost all theatre screenings had to be cancelled. Despite the hard times, over 4000 pupils along with their teachers managed to see the films on the big screen. On top of that, over 4000 participated to the online screenings that were organized to replace the cancelled screenings.

Exceptional times continued in the year 2021, and almost all DOKKINO screenings were held online. Despite the hard and challenging times, the screenings managed to attract over 21 000 participants in year 2021.

Year 2022 offered again chance to showcase films in theatres. Spring screenings were mostly held online but fall screenings only in theatres. In 2022 approximately 7500 attendees watched films online and almost 10 000 found their way into theatre screenings.

The films are curated around an annual theme and screened in two series: one for primary schools (grades 4-6) and the other for secondary schools. The films in each series are selected with the appropriate age group in mind. DOKKINO introduces international, high-quality documentaries that are not otherwise available in Finland.

DOKKINO offers film workshops and each year supports media education in schools by providing teachers with educational materials to accompany the film experience. The materials enable more in-depth discussion on the themes of the films and on documentary film as an art form. During COVID-19 in 2021 and 2022 DOKKINO offered a variety of video materials which schools were able to use alongside online screenings as educational support.

More information: dokkino(a)docpoint.fi

Photo: Safiya The Movie (Huibert van Wijk, 2021)