Sil and Merlijn

How would you feel, if you would end up living in a refugee camp in the middle of endless fields? Sil and Merlijn wants to find out and because of this, they go on a big journey and visit a refugee camp on the Greek Island of Lesbons. During the film we will follow how Sil and Merlijn help the refugees and become friends with the children that are living in the camp.

  • Name in Original Language: Hello Salaam
  • Director: Kim Brand
  • Country: Hollanti
  • Year: 2017
  • Length: 15 min
  • Age limit: S
  • Format: DCP
  • Cinematography: Roel van ’t Hoff
  • Editing: Luuk van Stegeren
  • Audio: Jillis Schriel
  • Production: Hasse van Nunen & Renko Douze / Een van de jongens