Earth’s Children

Jorge Tapullima is a kechwa-lamista community child. He lives in Chiriqyako, in the Peruvian Amazon. In the morning, Jorge has a habit of going to pick bananas for breakfast, cooked by his mother. Moreover, with his friends walk to his farm as they sing and play with the ‘pukuna’, instrument for hunting. Work on the land and return to play, as children they are.

In this piece of wonderfully mesmerizing cinema Jorge shows us his everyday life in Chiriqyako. The Amazonian rainforest may be be the largest rainforest on the planet but at the same time it is a home for people living the area, carrying a precious local culture.

Production notes

  • Name in Original Language: Hijos de la tierra
  • Director: Diego Sarmiento
  • Country: Peru
  • Year: 2014
  • Length: 14
  • Format: DCP
  • Production: Diego Sarmiento & Álvaro Sarmiento / HD Peru