Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


Jovanna For Future

Despite her young age, Jovanna is on a big mission: she wants to do her part to stop climate change and make the world a better place. Jovanna avoids foods in plastic containers, and she and her family live in an “earthship”, a house where they generate all the energy they use. Additionally, Jovanna goes on climate strike every Friday. Similarly to thousands of young people around the world Jovanna is worried for the future ahead. She demands that decision makers as well as individuals take action.

The film addresses the current issue of climate change through the eyes of young people. Jovanna for Future makes us consider our own behaviour and consumption habits, reminding us of the small things that matter.

Anni Lappalainen

Title in Original Language : Jovanna For Future
Director : Mirjam Marks
Year : 2019
Length : 15
Format : DCP
Production Company : Tangerine Tree