Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


Bird Boy

12-year-old Reshat has a dream: he wants to grow up to be a bird keeper. Through this dream Reshat wants to honour his late father, who treated birds with gentle appreciation. Seeking to fulfil his dream Reshat approaches the best pigeon keeper in the village, with a surprising turnout.

Bird Boy is a heartfelt film that makes us reflect on the meaning of happiness. The film is a compassionate depiction of Reshat’s journey and reminds us of the importance of those closest to us and the time spent together.

15 countries along the colorful ancient Silk Road, 15 children (11-14 years old) who give an insight into their lives and challenges. A documentary series for the whole family told from the children’s perspective, delving into rich cultural portraits and addressing universal issues of growing up.

Anni Lappalainen

Title in Original Language : Bird Boy
Director : Simon Lereng Wilmont
Year : 2019
Length : 22
Format : DCP
Production Company : Toolbox Film