Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


Bertha and the Wolfram

Bertha is like any 13-year-old child with hopes and dreams of the future. However, Bertha has a rare disease called Wolfram. Wolfram affects Bertha’s nervous system with major consequences for her eyesight. This brave teenager is up to the fight with her secret weapon: her paintbrush. Bertha’s strengths lies in the creative work space, which provides her a place to feel free.

This creative short film highlights individual rights and inspires us to encounter others as they are. The film invites us to explore the meaning of life and how one can reach one’s dreams with the support of others.

Anni Lappalainen

Title in Original Language : Bertha en de Wolfram
Director : Tijs Torfs
Year : 2020
Length : 15
Format : DCP
Production Company : LAS BELGAS