Kuvassa poika kuvan etualalla makaamassa pohtivaisena sängyllä


Experiences of feeling different are something almost everyone goes through when growing up. For those living with a disability, these experiences can be even more intense.  It is important to feel and be accepted exactly as you are, but sometimes that is easier said than done. Family and friends can be a great help and give you the security needed to take the next step on your journey. Identity is something that takes time to form, and it can take all the way into adulthood to find your own place and voice. Once you’ve found your identity, it is easier to face the world and fulfill your dreams.

The DOKKINO 2023 theme Perfectly Unique raises questions of identity and individuality on a wide spectrum from diversity to disability. The topics of the films range from bullying, loneliness and isolation to equality and social media. The DOKKINO films of 2023 give a voice to children and young people who wish to have their voices heard and to make an impact in the world. The films offer great role models to children and young people alike and encourage them to reach their dreams despite any obstacles they may face in life.

The DOKKINO films of 2023 allows young audiences to step into the shoes of others and ask essential questions about life. The accompanying educational materials will be provided to teachers for free. The material offers pupils examples and exercises on how to express opinions, thoughts and feelings, encouraging them to exercise their rights and have their own voices heard. The material will be provided in Finnish and Swedish.

Photo: Charlie Surfer (Pia Strømme, 2020)