Nuoria makaamassa sängyllä yhdessä kasassa


Feelings are part of everyone’s life, and everyone has the right for feelings, whatever they might be. Sometimes, among the joyous moments of life, one has to face uncertainty, fear, even sadness. It is utmost important to face own feelings as they come. It is good to keep in mind no one is ever completely alone with one’s emotions, as turbulent as they might be, and it’s a basic human right to ask for help when one can’t cope alone.

DOKKINO theme for the year 2022 I Feel brings out stories of children and youth who face sudden changes and challenges in life. To face new challenging situations, one doesn’t have to be a superhero to survive, just being as you are is enough. I feel raises forth the issue of mental health and brings out the issue of human value into discussion. DOKKINO films of 2022 offer the young audience powerful role models and touching stories, and they remind us that everyone has the right for a bright future.

Seahorse tells a story of a young refugee girl who has escaped to a new homeland with her family. Fien, Jip and Fien takes a closer look on what love is all about, and how does falling in love feel like. Yaren and the Sun raises the issue of sadness into discussion, and how does one cope with losing a close family member.

Naomi’s Secret tells the story of a daughter and a mother, who is suffering from severe mental health issues, and how the situations has shaped their lives. Please Wait introduces us brothers living in an asulym centre in Norway, looking for a way out. To Feel Alive takes us on a journey into that moment of life when all the doors are open and friendship flourishes.

DOKKINO films of 2022 offer a great way to step into others’ shoes and offer a way to ponder what makes life good. The educational materials provided for teachers offer pupils examples and exercises how to express opinions, thoughts and feelings, encouraging to exercise one’s rights and have your own voice heard.

Photo: To Feel Alive (Milja Härkönen, 2019)