Changes are part of life and everyone faces them in their own way. Whether it is a change in a nearby environment such as one’s personal life or circle of friends, or in a greater community such as a hometown or the whole world, change can cause anxiety but also teach one to accommodate into new situations and living conditions. Very few are completely alone in their new situation, and usually change or worry faced together will help one to take a step forward in life. In the end, change can make you grow as a person, and the gloomy first glimpse just may give way to a bright future.

The theme for the year 2021 Forward, together follows children and youth facing different life situations and changes in life, and how they go onwards by the help of others. Support from closest to you, whether it is a family, circle of friends or a community, are in key role when life throws surprises or challenges on the way. Life challenges us all and despite the environment we live in, everyone has the right for help and support. Help and support may take you one step closer realizing your dreams.

The DOKKINO films of 2021 offer a great way to step into others’ shoes and offer a way to ponder what makes life good. The educational materials provided for teachers offer pupils examples and exercises to express opinions, thoughts and feelings, encouraging them to exercise their right and have their voices heard.

Photo: Aïcha