DOKKINO is an documentary film event and a national film tour for schools organised annually by DocPoint Film Events



What is a family and what is a home? What significance do they have on an individual? Why is it important to know where your home is and where do you come from? These important questions are raised up and discussed in DOKKINO films of 2024 as family matters are brought up and uncertain future lies ahead in the shadows of ever-changing world.

DOKKINO films of 2024 offer a peek into different kind of lives of children and youth, and encourage to discuss the importance on values and roots, and to think ahead for a better future where one can feel accepted and safe. Family matters all the way.


DOKKINO is organised by DocPoint Film Events, a national documentary film organisation. DOKKINO film screenings are aimed at schools and are organised in cooperations with municipalities.

The films screened at DOKKINO are creative short documentaries for young audiences, assembled in screenings around an annually changing theme. Each year, screenings are held for primary schools (grades 4-6) and secondary schools (grades 7-9). The films are shown with subtitles in Finnish and Swedish, and educational materials are made available for the films.

DOKKINO provides a unique way to explore documentary film, DOKKINO supports shools’ curriculum content as well as cultural education, and even inspires young people to make their own films.

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